Posted on: August 13, 2009


The party is over in the Pyrenees, we will return home tomorrow. I will post a few more things about my trip, but with much regrets it will be from New York State. Miles and I have to return early as Miles is being called to finish Muttnik.
Today we had our last concert in Peyragudes and I will post a few pix and videos later. We had a blast and after the concert  as we had a drink at our favorite watering hole, “le Faisant Doré,” one of my brother’s friend paid me the funniest comment ever: “How come you speak English wich such a perfect accent and French with such a  thick one!”. Yeah! go figure!

Anyhow, 2 days ago Pierre decided to go back to Bourg d’Oueil early after a day in Luchon to be able to stop for dinner at the Sapin Fleuri. We had a marvelous meal full of remiscences for me. This is what we had:

Potage de Légumes (both of us)
vegetable soup

Truite Meunière (Pierre)
Pan fried trout
Ramequin (Nicole)

Faux Filet (Pierre)
Truite Meunière (Nicole)

Tarte aux Fruits
Fruit Tart

Our wine was a simple clean & chilled Saumur Champigny (Cabernet Franc). This was a lovely way to say good by to Bourg d’Oueil. The Ramequin where definitely a wink to my grandfather’s version called “Le Ramequin Poste et Golf” ( a light a divine crust less quiche, remind me to give you the recipe. It will make a great low-cal brunch item). My father always said : Jeannot Toucouère (father and co-owner of the Sapin Fleuri) was one of the best cook they had at my family restaurant. The hotel-restaurant is now run by Jeannot (father) Olivier (son) & Sylvie (Olivier’s wife) and I even saw Adrien (their 3 year old son) helping out super efficiently in the kitchen! They are all very dear to me and eating there is always an emotional moment. I will have a last glass of wine and then close down the suitcase for tomorow early call. Can’ wait to be back!

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  1. Bonjour depuis Lexington ,Kentucky,
    Ce petit mot pour te dire mes sentiments après ton spectacle à Peyresourde jeudi dernier 13 Aout,je résume :j’ai beaucoup aimé p c q intéressant ,joli,intelligent,moderne et touchant.
    Très agréable présentation:
    -un plaisir d’écouter ta jolie voix,tes jolies mélodies,parfois surprenantes, modernes,jamais ennuyeuses,les paroles intelligentes,douces,(j’ai bien aimé le mélange des langages,”y caou ana “at feeling” ! ) idem pour ton adorable fils,Miles, idem pour les poésies de ton mari,Joris,
    -un plaisir de voir les jolies photos,vidéos,tes peintures,belles étonnantes,gracieuses,
    -un plaisir de sentir l’affection,la connivence,l’entente entre tous les 3 “on the stage”,plus Jean-Louis,ton frère, -en même temps que cet appui familial,rare,et léger à la fois,on sent nettement que chacun est en train de faire son propre chemin, en toute liberté! j’ai beaucoup apprécié cela aussi ! –
    Bravo et merci de nous avoir donné ce très bon moment poétique (dans ce cadre magnifique, la route, le coucher de soleil sur les Pyrénées, c’était de toute beauté ce soir là)
    C T

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