Posted on: August 4, 2009


The other evening we fell into an aperitif trapère! We stopped at our favorite local bar-restaurant “Le Faisant Doré” to meet my brother Jean-Louis to have an apéritif (before dinner drink) before making our way back up to the montains with our good friends Peter Cockelberg and his wife Delphine Grave for dinner. The one drink turned out to be a round per person. Jean-Louis was already sitting there with his 2 good buddies, that made a total of 7!  Thanks god I was drinking small ballons de rosé & managed to skip a few. It is always one of my great pleasure to hang out with my bro, he is the funniest and the most entertaining guy. Not really a politically correctest dude, but I adore him and put up with his most salacious & sarcastic comments!

Anyhow we safely returned to the mountains and managed to cook dinner in a flash. Again, no time to wait for the fire to make enough embers to slowly cook the beautiful slab of veal from chez Jammes. I pulled out my frying pan and cooked it all on the open fire.

Tranche de Veau Sauce à l’Ail et au Basilic
Pan fried veal with basil & garlic cream sauce
Tomates Provençales
Pan fried tomatoes with persillade


Render enough fatback (see previous blog) to lightly coat the pan and cook the meat medium. Reserve and keep covered in a hollow dish.

In the same pan render a little more fatback add the tomatoes cut in half or quartered, depending on their size. Add the persillade when the tomatoes are almost done, sauté a few minutes and reserve.


Still in the same pan, add some brandy and flambé. Add the juices that have rendered in the meat dish. Add one cup of heavy cream, the garlic and let boil on the fire. Once the cream starts thickening add the freshly (at the last minute or it will darken) chopped basil. Boil a few more seconds, add salt, pepper and some ground piment d’Espelette (see last blog). Pour the sauce over the meat and voilà! Eat and lick your plate!

Veal Tomates

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  1. We’re trekking on in the mean: Avignon, Arles, the Ventoux… But think back with great fondness of Bourg d’Oueil: not the just the hiking, conversation and company, but your marvellous cooking as well. Several nights in a row, new dishes, local dishes, always fresh products, with those tranches de veau on the final eve: the ease, “naturel,” and intensity with which you prepared them on the fire, just like that. Very special, and above all: delicious!
    [The latter must be the most repeated word in my comments so far.]

    Delphine’s nail polish matching the plates, la cerise improvisée…

    P.S.: between the 1964 and the 25y/o Armagnac: in my humble opinion, they were both outstanding! As was that “eau de vie” — Duke of Prunes — chaser 😉

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