Posted on: March 23, 2009

This is wonderful FREE event. I will be there as a volunteer. Please come and bring many people. I haven’t seen these movies yet, they look very interesting. Hope to see you there!

Naniola Productions presents the Third Annual
Food For Thought Film Festival April 11 & 18, 2009

Naniola Productions presents the annual Food For Thought Film Festival presenting films about our most important life sustaining resource; food. The purpose of the film festival is to educate the public on issues regarding our current food systems including modern food production, distribution and consumption, and their effects on our health, the environment, human rights, and local and global economies. The screenings are free to the public to encourage the maximum community attendance.

The 2009 Food For Thought Film Festival focuses on several crucial issues: access to clean food and water; human rights; local and sustainable agriculture; and the effects of policy on small American farmers.

The film program offers one full day of film screenings followed by post screening discussions led by Executive Producer of the Food For Thought Film Festival Martha Ma, along with invited filmmakers and other guest speakers. The goal of the discussions is to promote dialogue within the communities and to inspire action. Several local and national organizations working towards sustainable, clean, healthy food and fair access are invited to attend the event to provide information and support to community members who are interested in taking immediate action by providing resources.

This year we are focusing on actions we can take and how we can get involved in the movement for more sustainable agricultural production practices and access to clean water and food.

We are thrilled to partner with Action Center to End World Hunger who will host the event on April 11, 2009 at their beautiful space in Battery Park, NY. The venue will also provide information on how to get involved at your level of comfort at their Action Centers. To find out more about Mercy Corps please check out their website (

On April 18, 2009 the Columbia University Medical Center Office of Government and Community Affairs will graciously host a screening at their Alumni Auditorium in Washington Heights.

Featured Films:

Asparagus: Stalking the American Life
Eating Alaska

and more info at:

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  1. thank you for sharing the info.
    i went to see FLOW and it was absolutely
    a fantastic documentary.
    it should be screened in every school, so
    children learn about the situation of future!!

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