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Joris/Peyrafitte @ Poetry Project NYC

The Poetry Project NY, United States

Domopoetics is the name Joris & Peyrafitte give to 34 years of daily practices in transforming &
intertwining their lives and works, be it through writing, painting, video, physical conditioning, cooking and all other shared household activities.
Karstic refers to the geological phenomena of dissolution and transformation at work in the formation of superficial or underground limestone topographies. Here it is taken literally and figuratively as nature and cave explorations are an important part of their process.

Earth Celebrations’ – Ecological and Social Change through the Arts

Jardin del Paraiso

ECOLOGICAL CITY engages community through cultural strategies to learn, explore and take action on climate solution initiatives to mitigate climate change impacts of flooding, carbon pollution and the consequences of sea-level rise throughout the network of community gardens, neighborhood and East River Park waterfront on the Lower East Side of New York City.